Monday, October 7, 2013

Toned Paper

Hey there, everyone! I realize it's been a really long time since I've posted anything and I apologize. I finally made the switch couple weeks ago to using toned paper and the difference it makes is astonishing to me. Having toned background allows you to add depth to drawings that's impossible with white paper. It's a little more expensive than the paper I'm used to, but it's completely worth it. I've found that I can't stop with just sketching something, I have to use the different colored col-erase pencils I've got to add colors and then I have to add highlights as well.

Here's a quick walk through of the process I usually go through:

First step is obviously a sketch. This is usually where I'd stop in my white sketch book.

 Then I'll add a little bit of color to the sketch in different areas to draw interest. The toned paper is nice because it helps unify your colors. That's especially nice when you're working with a very limited palette.

Then I'll add ink and whatever other finishing touches it needs. On this one I added a white halo to help the drawing pop a little more.

Here are a few other drawings I've done in the past little bit:


  1. Wow these are really nice. They have all the cleanliness of your digital art, but with the "life" that comes with pencils. I especially like your sad ogre/goblin character. He made me laugh.


  2. Wow man! Astoning sketches!
    I never tried sketching on toned
    paper but I've always wanted to!
    Can you tell us the brand of the paper
    you used here? You just get better man!

    1. Thank you muchly. This is just a Strathmore toned scketchbook. I bought it at an Utrecht store in San Francisco

  3. Eres un máquina pixa!